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Finding an apartment; It’s not by accident

Finding an apartment; It’s not by accident

The Kembi family came from Angola to find refuge here in the USA. The family includes Dad, Mom, and three school-age children. Schooling and raising the children in a hotel was a very difficult situation. The repeated searching for a suitable apartment was always ending in failure. This increased the stress of the family, especially the parents who were also waiting for the arrival of their new baby.

They contacted the GHF for an available apartment opportunity, eager for this to happen as soon as possible. Listen to their testimonials:


We first want to say we are very happy that we have a home now! There are many others who arrived before us, but unfortunately they are still living in the hotels. This is why we are very grateful to our brothers at GHF who supported us in getting the house. It is not by accident to find a house at this moment. Although sometimes general assistance can help with this, it is very difficult to find a house yourself. I have suffered a lot from it! I am very grateful to the Good Helper Foundation. I hope to visit their office someday and I want to work with them, because I have worked with nonprofit organizations before.

Mr. Kembi (Dad)

My name is Jessica, and I want to say I am very happy! Since our arrival in America, we have always stayed in a hotel. My husband and I tried to find a house several times, but in vain. As soon as we heard about this group, they have graced us and helped us find our Home! We want to thank them..

Mrs Kembi